Everyone loves Canada – including identity thieves

3 10 2007

Leaf Heart

Today’s Globe and Mail has a story about proposed legislation aimed at curbing identity theft in Canada. According to the article, stolen identity crimes cost businesses $2-billion a year in this country. Why is Canada such a popular target for this type of crime (besides the fact that we’re nice)? Because we have a rather large gap in the law: we’re the only G8 country that doesn’t have anti-spam legislation. Apparently, we just can’t bring ourselves to crack down on all of those Viagra peddlers.

Of course, spam isn’t the only problem when it comes to identity theft. John Lawford (counsel for the Public Interest Advocacy Centre) notes that corporations tend to collect a lot of information on their customers because they can make large profits by selling their customer lists. Unfortunately, these corporations don’t protect their data as well as they should.

Under the proposed legislation, criminals will be prosecuted under the criminal code for identity theft crimes (even if the information is never used for identity fraud).




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