Walking the picket line from your computer

19 09 2007

On Strike virtually

On September 25th, workers at IBM in Italy are planning to strike. What’s interesting about this particular labour disagreement is that the workers are planning to strike in Second Life, an entirely virtual world. IBM has a large corporate presence in Second Life and uses the space as a marketing tool. The employees are upset about wages (naturally) and feel that they will garner more attention online. Ironic, isn’t it? One of the largest and most established tech companies is about to face disgruntled workers in an entirely online environment. I’m not sure if this plan is savvy or stupid, but it does get my vote for originality.

Story from the New World Notes blog (via BoingBoing)




2 responses

20 09 2007

At least they’ll still be in their office cubicles working (I think)! LOL!

1 10 2007

I guess this answers my question on whether second life actually has “lasting” potential as an online virtual world (the concept was introduced to me for the first time last Thursday)… I heard they were using it for educational purposes, but I had no idea organizations and companies used it too!

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