Hackers have to make money too

17 09 2007

Today the BBC has a story stating that high-tech computer crime is “big business.” The story describes how criminals are commercializing their activity by creating easy to use toolkits that allow the criminally-minded to attack businesses. These cyberbullies are even teaming up with each other to improve their chances of success. It sounds like a regular back alley brawl out there.

To be sure, internet crimes (phishing, fraud, and general hacking) do pose problems for businesses and individuals. But the only source quoted in this article is the European Director of Security for Symantec (makers of the Norton line of anti-virus kits). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the information in the article is incorrect, just that one might want to find some supporting facts from another source. It is definitely in Symantec’s best interest to publicize criminal activity on the internet – but you be the judge!




One response

17 09 2007

If you use a credit card online, be sure to use have an internet security program installed. Some manufacturers include PC-Illin, Norton, McAfee, Microsoft. Dont just get an anti-virus software. Get internet security. It does more than just knock out viruses.

I have come across friends’ computers that don’t have internet security installed. In fact, I have noticed that their anti-virus software is already expired.

if you don’t have this computer safety feature, you leave your computer’s back door open to hackers and other online cyberburglars who get into your computer and steal your personal data.

Fabiola Castillo

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